This be the fourfivefive faq, solving the faq needs for over 2 years.

Answering t3h questions that plague your cranium like a swarm of duranium locusts.

Number one:. What is t3h fire wall?

'T3h fire wall is the wall of phthreethreer, it is t3h obstacle we must overcome to enter into t3h spirit of t3h hax', this is the official definition, we concur. Here is a picture of a firewall being haxxed:.

This is generally what someone haxxing t3h firewall will look like, please note t3h banjo/corncob pipe. It is the main tool of the h4XX0r and you can often see groups of them sitting around a 40 gallon drum, smoking corn cob pipes or banjos and talking about h4XX1n9.



2.Should I fuck with the Fonz Pirate?

Don't fuck with






The reason thatthis image works so well is that it shows both the animal nature of t3h fonz and also his mysterious elements. When I was creating it I wanted to convey to t3h viewer this element of his personality so I decided that t3h best way of doing this was to paste his head onto t3h body of a lion. I found t3h picture of t3h lion on google. I was really happy with the initial result, but then I thought 'I should remind people of the labyrinthine mysteries of t3h fonz, he's like a firewall that you can't hax, a puzzle that you can't solve,' so I decided to use a puzzle effect on his face, like 'T3h parts are together now, but when you approach it isn't such a clear case, eeeeeehh'.